How Florasis Became the Most Buzzed-About New Cosmetic Brand in China

Founded in 2017, Florasis (“Hua Xizi” in Chinese), a Chinese cosmetic company that was born in West Lake, Hangzhou city, has been a big hit across China since 2018. During the Tmall Double 11 festival in 2019, Florasis’s turnover reached $14.2 million (RMB100 million) within just one hour, making it one of the leading domestic brands to enter the "billion yuan club".

So, how does this new Chinese beauty brand stand out in the flooded market? Florasis has its own "Business Sutra".

Origin of Brand Name: Grasping People’s Attention

The Chinese name of this new brand, “Hua Xizi”, serves a great purpose to convey its brand message to consumers. “Hua” means “Flower” and “Xizi” means “West Beauty” which comes from a famous poem from a great ancient poet Sushi, “Comparing West Lake to West Beauty, both are charming in light dress as well in bright”. The whole name means that the flower can nurture your skin and you can become as pretty as the west beauty.

Spotting the Gap: Standing from the Crowd

In recent years, China has witnessed a surge in young consumers’ interest in domestic brands and products that incorporate Chinese traditional style and culture, a trend known as Guochao. By following this trend, Florasis creates makeup products suitable for oriental women's skin by extracting natural flower & herbs essences and leveraging modern makeup manufacturing technology. In addition to its superior quality, the culture-based designing of its package and online store is a strong complement to building the brand image. All of the above help Florasis soar above the competition and immediately stand out from the rest of the Chinese cosmetics brands.

Florasis’s Tmall Flagship Store

Marketing Strategy: Boosting Brand Awareness and Driving the Sales

1. Choosing the right Celebrity Endorsers

In 2019, Florasis invited Ju Jingyi, a Chinese actress and singer, as its first celebrity endorser. Ju Jingyi perfectly fits the brand as people perceive her as the symbol of Eastern beauty due to her amazing image in the romantic TV show “The Legend of White Snake”.

Ju Jingyi--The First Celebrity Endorser of Florasis

In 2020, Dujuan, touted as the world’s first international Chinese supermodel, became Florasis’s second celebrity endorser. Her confidence, elegant temperament and unique oriental beauty matches perfectly with the brand image of Florasis. Besides, Dujuan’s international fame will help Florasis penetrate into the other markets as well.

Dujuan--The Second Celebrity Endorser of Florasis

On top of that, singers and actresses, like Zhang Bozhi, Zhang Jiani, Li Ruotong, and Qiaoxin, etc. all endorsed this brand by recommending its products to their fans.

2. Working with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and KOCs (Key Opinion Customers)

Florasis works with China’s top beauty live-streamer Li Jiaqi on promoting a wider range of its products, from lipsticks, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil to foundations and so on. Take the double 11 festival 2019 for example, this single product loose powder was sold for 700,000 cases at the end of the day.

Lipstick King Li Jiaqi is testing Florasis lipsticks during the live-streaming

The celebrities and mega-KOLs have brought Florasis into the spotlight while micro KOLs and KOCs have made this brand trustworthy. When the number of followers is smaller, the influencing success rate will increase as it’s a niche community of committed followers. Micro KOLs and KOCs are cost-effective and help Florasis deliver 60% more engagement as compared to macro KOLs. They share their thoughts about Florasis mainly on social media like Weibo, WeChat, Little Red Book, Douyin, Kuaishou, where the active users are young people whose decision-making process are heavily influenced by KOLs and KOCs.

KOCs are recommending Florasis to their fans via vlog

3. Creating Brand Crossover

Florasis co-brands with the Chinese traditional clothing brand 3·ZM and fashion brand LUYANG BY YANGLU on New York Fashion show 2020, bringing the oriental elements to the international stage and successfully attracting the attention of the world.

3·ZM Runway-New York Fashion Show

Aside from that, Florasis also launched limited gift sets with a Chinese liquor company Luzhou Laojiao on Valentine’s day 2019.

Florasis & Luzhou Laojiao gift set

The above two brand crossovers not only enhance the brand image of Florasis but also extend its reach and visibility to the markets that Florasis once did not have access to, ultimately helping Florasis generate more sales.

4. Getting Customers Involved in New Product Development

During the development of new products, Florasis invited their customers as the Experience Officers (CXOs) to try the new products and let the feedback shape the product . Florasis claims that new products can only be massively produced if they are approved by more than 90% of the CXOs. Such product co-creation model enables Florasis to develop products in a favorable direction that are most suitable for its customers, enhancing customer loyalty and building the momentum for the new products yet to launch in the future.

Florasis is recruiting CXOs through its Wechat account

5. Showing Strong Social Responsibility

Florasis has been super thoughtful and wise when it reacted to either a natural disaster or a social problem. For example, Sichuan earthquake and Coronavirus.

After the Sichuan earthquake in June 2019, Florasis immediately sent "Pray for Safety" letters and warm messages to its buyers in the earthquake-stricken area.

The SMS reminder that Florasis Sent to its customers

At the early stage of the Coronavirus outbreak, Florasis sent SMS reminders about how to prevent people from contracting the virus to its 1.1 million buyers. Florasis also strengthened the disinfection of the warehouses many times a day in order to ensure the “cleanness” of its packages received by customers. At the same time, Florasis donated RMB 1 million ($ 140K) to the Wuhan Charity Federation for the purpose of procuring medical substances and sick treatments.

The receipt of RMB 1M donation from Florasis


Following its vision of creating the “Oriental Makeup”, Florasis has made a thorough plan to acquire and conquer its audiences in China, from the product designing and market positioning to strategizing digital marketing and taking up social responsibility.

However, this brand is not satisfied with only occupying the domestic market, it aims for the international market. For Florasis, the story just begins.

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