Cross-Border Solution

Our one-stop cross-border solutions equip you with everything you need to sell in China, including distribution channels, international logistics, localised payment, etc.

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Cross-Border Solutions

Cross-Border e-commerce, with the sales of over $115 billion in 2018 and a growth rate of over 15% YoY, has recently been highly encouraged by the Chinese government with several favourable policies such as fast product filing, efficient customs clearance and lower import taxes.


According to EC LINKER analysis, the five most popular selling goods under Cross-Border e-commerce channels are Food & Drinks(55%), Beauty Products(49%), Clothing & Bags(48.3%), Household Items(35.6%), Mother & Baby Products(34.6%); Cross-Border e-commerce main users tend to be younger, aged from 25 to 40.










When it comes to settling the orders, Alipay was the number one option, with 91% of surveyed respondents using it. Bank cards (68 %) and WeChat Pay (64 %) came after.
















If you would like to sell your products or services from your country directly to China, Cross-Border e-commerce could be a great way to gain presence in the Chinese market.


With our all-in-one Cross-Border e-commerce solution which covers:

  • Advising and consulting you about the most suitable import and distribution strategy

  • Integration with the cross border payment gateways

  • Providing the service of International logistic

  • Offering the customs clearance service

  • Providing the bonded warehousing service

  • Offering store management on cross-border platforms


You will be able to test Chinese market and boost your revenue with significant speed.


To learn more about how we can help you boost your revenues and build your brand in China, email us today at or book a free consultation here .

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