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Chinese Localisation Services

Localization can’t be ignored if you want your brand to succeed in China. Our team make sure you pass the right message in the right manner to satisfy your customers' expectations and cultural values.

More and more companies have started to realize that China is a market that can’t be overlooked, however still feel demoralized due to the challenges of entering this market. The lack of knowledge about Chinese culture, business environment, languages, laws and regulations make selling your products or services in China really difficult.


How to get your message out to Chinese consumers in a time, place and manner that they can relate to is one of the most difficult tasks. We can do this for you!


Our China Localization services cover:

  • Website design & development: we will make your website fit perfectly with the Chinese Market, from language translation to core value delivery.

  • We help you integrate with localized payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat Pay to ensure smooth payment experience.

  • Content and Value translation: we not only translate your brand messages and contents but also tailor your image and values to match with your target consumers. We are expert in translating your brand identity into actual marketing in the Chinese Market.


To learn more about how we can help you boost your revenues and build your brand in China, email us today at or book a free consultation here .

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China Localization Services

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