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Market Research &

Customer Insight

We help you get to know what is happening in your industry in China and what you can do to find new customers, increase customer satisfaction and boost your revenue.

Cross-Border Solutions

Our one-stop cross-border solutions equip you with everything you need to sell in China, including distribution channels, international logistics, localised payment,etc.

Chinese Market

China Entry Strategy


We help you through the whole process, from initial consultation to well-rounded strategy, making sure that you enter the Chinese market simply and without costly delays.

Customized Sales & Distribution Channel


We focus on delivering a customized strategy to help you sell your products or services in the right channel and maximize profit.

Chinese Market

E-Commerce Operations


We work with respected partners to ensure top-notch services from platform set-up to after-sales support.

Chinese Market

Social Media & KOL

We help you engage the right audiences at the right time with the right contents, increase your brand awareness and optimize the results.

Baidu SEO & SEM

Our SEO&SEM experts not only help improve your brand visibility and performance in search significantly, but also maximise your SEO&SEM return on investment.

China Localization Services

Localization can’t be ignored if you want your brand to succeed in China. Our team make sure you pass the right message in the right manner to satisfy your customers' expectations and cultural values



EC-LINKER is a full-service UK-China e-commerce consultancy & services agency that is expert in helping foreign brands to establish or strengthen their position in China.


Our experienced team comprehensively understands the universal pain points that foreign companies are struggling with when tapping into Chinese market. We aim to add a subtle and unique touch in order to help each company we work with to develop the appropriate strategy.


Our team designs scalable solutions that resonate with the target audience thus providing true value to you. Our services cover a wide variety of industries and backgrounds.

Seco Liu

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Business Strategy

Digital Marketing

Suzy Su

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Alan Easdale

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Head of Technology

Nishant Raizaday

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Business Manager

Data Analysis

Market Research

Lan Luo

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Project Manager


Client Testimonials

Trust Us to Take Your Business in China to The Next Level

Working with EC LINKER was (continues to be) an outstanding experience. EC LINKER gave me step-by-step guidance on how to grow my business in China given the huge cultural and customer behavioural differences in different countries.

Their work on digital marketing has helped me make it all happen, giving me the confidence to share MyCTO’s story and services widely in China. It is engaging customers, and has given us the opportunity to scale our business to a level we previously thought impossible in the Asian market.

Ghislain PITRAT   

Cofounder at MyCTO

We greatly appreciate EC LINKER's creative solutions and guidance in re-posistioning our lightning products in China.

The team's dedication to our company is evident in all aspects. We really appreciate their market analytical capability which has saved us a huge effort in getting to know Chinese market and their strategic insights on suggesting the right sales channels have been indispensable.


 at Blindspot

We found EC LINKER very helpful and professional. They impressed us with the market research & customer insight report, which helped us analyzing our market positioning in China.  


Many thanks to the team for saving us tons of time from digging into unfamiliar market ourselves and guiding us through the process. We are looking forward to working with this young team to develop cross border solutions soon.


at an organic beauty brand



E-Commerce Operations & Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

We Help Clear Out All Your Doubts And Guide You To The Right Direction

Q1. At what stage should a company consider going to the Chinese Market?

Q2. My company has been doing pretty well in the UK market, can I model my success in the Chinese Market?

Q3. What is the biggest challenge for us to enter the China market?

Q4. How can I estimate the costs of entering the Chinese market?

Q5. What is the best way to enter Chinese market given my current budget?

Q7. How do we reach out to target customers and convert them into the real customers in China?

Q9. What are the most popular social media platforms in China?

Q6. What are the major steps to enter Chinese market? 

Q8. What are the cross-cultural considerations on entry into Chinese market?

Q10. How do we sell on Tmall Global?

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